The Live taxi driver card is a Visa Prepaid card. You have the flexibility to use the card wherever Visa cards are accepted including retail stores and online merchants, both in Australia overseas. With the Live taxi Visa Prepaid Card, you have the greatest gift of all – the world of choice.

You will need to activate the card prior to using it. Activation can be done free of charge from the Live taxi driver card app. Simply enter your card number and the last 4 digits of your phone number and follow the prompts to activate and register your card.

To activate your card, you will need the 16-digit card number, expiration date and your mobile phone number that you used to register with Live taxi.

During activation, you will be able to set a 4-digit PIN which you will need to enter when purchasing goods and withdrawing funds from an ATM.

You will also be required to set a User ID and Password as well as a Secret Question & Answer to access the site once your card is activated.

If your phone number is coming up as invalid, you will need to contact Live taxi support on 1300 883 703 or by sending a request through the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the Live taxi driver card app. You will need to confirm your identity prior to the team making any profile changes.

You can download the Live taxi driver card app from The App Store and Google Play.

The Live taxi driver card app is the companion to your driver card and is the place for all card details including activation, registration, transaction history and personal details. For any driver card related support issues, you can contact us directly from within the app.

You are required to enter a PIN when using your driver card. Ensure you keep your PIN safe and don’t share it with anyone else. You may be liable for unauthorised transactions so treat your card like cash.

Online information about Live taxi driver cards can be found at For all specific card related activities, you will need to download and use the Live taxi driver card app.

Live taxi driver cards can have a maximum balance of $25,000 at any one time.

In store transactions have a limit of $10,000 within a 24 hour period. E-commerce transactions have a weekly limit of $1,000.

ATM transactions have a limit of $2000 within a 24 hour period.

Please note some ATMs charge a withdrawal fee. The ATM operator will notify you if a withdrawal fee is to be charged and you will be able to cancel the transaction if necessary.

You can check your card balance and transaction history at any time from the Live taxi driver card app.

Yes, your driver card expiry date will be displayed on the front of the card. It’s a good idea to visit a Live taxi lounge for a replacement card prior to the expiry date so your balance can be transferred to a new card.

No, expiry dates cannot be extended. You must ensure you use the balance on your card prior to the expiry date or organise a replacement card from your a Live taxi office lounge prior to expiry for a balance transfer.

Businesses are obliged to obtain authorisation for every purchase, so it is very unlikely your card will ever have a negative balance. In the rare occurrence this does happen, Live taxi will temporarily block your card while we investigate the issue.

Your driver card is a Visa prepaid card, which means it should be safeguarded and treated like cash. It is possible that your card can be used for unauthorised transactions which you could be liable for.

Your card is reloadable so ensure you keep your card safe as more credits may be applied.

There are several possibilities why your card transactions may get declined:

  • your card has not been activated
  • the purchase amount exceeds your available balance
  • an incorrect PIN has been entered
  • your card has expired
  • your card has been reported lost or stolen
  • your card has been blocked
  • a previous voided or interrupted transaction may have been authorised, and the reserved funds have not yet been released
  • your card balance is not enough to cover both an ATM withdrawal amount and the ATM operator’s fee.

Yes. You will need to use your PIN for all transactions made with the card. You will set your PIN when you activate your card.

If you forget your PIN, you can contact Live taxi support on 1300 883 703 or through the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the Live taxi driver card app.
You will be asked some of your personal security questions when resetting your PIN.

Your transaction will be declined if an incorrect PIN is entered. If you enter an incorrect PIN three times, your card will be blocked and you will need to contact Live taxi support on 1300 883 703 or through the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the Live taxi driver card app. You will be asked some security questions prior to the card being unblocked.

Your driver card will be declined for any gambling and casino transactions. You cannot buy Lottery Tickets or apply for quasi cash.
You may not be able to use your driver card for any recurring transactions where monthly or regular instalments are set up to draw down on your balance automatically.
You cannot use your driver card to pay for fuel at the pump and you will need to go inside and pay at the counter.

Select Credit and enter your 4-digit PIN when paying with your driver card.

If the transaction amount is greater than your available balance, the transaction will be declined.
Please ensure you check your available balance prior to making purchases.
Alternatively, if the transaction amount is greater than your available balance, you can pay the difference by using any other type of legal tender accepted by the merchant.

It is common to offer service-oriented merchants such as restaurants and hotels a customary tip for excellent service. The merchant will usually factor in another 10% when seeking authorisation to cover a tip. This is called a tolerance.

For example, if the cost of your meal adds up to $100, the merchant will seek authorisation for $110, which means that if the available balance on your card was $100, it would be declined.

You should ensure that your card has a balance which covers that 10% buffer when you are transacting with these sorts of merchants, even if you plan to give a smaller tip.

When staying at a hotel or going on a cruise, we recommend using the card to pay at checkout, not when making the reservation or checking in. Why? Because a provision for tips of up to 10% is added and reserved for hotel and cruise ship bookings. Such authorisations can take 30 days to clear.

Yes. It’s important to remember your PIN in countries that do not allow you to sign for card payments. You will have to pay foreign exchange fees for transactions outside of Australia or in a currency other than AUD.

Each merchant has its own policy about accepting returned items. You will need to check with the specific merchant on their return policy. Returns can only be made to your card if the originating transaction was made on your card and the merchant has agreed under their returns policy to refund the transaction.

You can use your card as many times as you like until either the available balance on the card has been exhausted or your card expires. The purchase amount is automatically deducted from the card’s balance. You can use your card at any merchant worldwide that accepts Visa Prepaid cards including online merchants.

Yes. So long as the cards are from the same program. You can find accounts to transfer to by clicking on Share Funds tab under ‘Quick Links’ once you have logged into the Live taxi driver card app. You can add friends by searching email, last name or card account number.

Yes. You can load your own funds to your card through a Direct Entry (DE) from your personal Bank Account. You will be able to view the BSB and Account number of your card once you have logged in to the app. Use the Pay Anyone feature from your own banking institution and transfer funds to your Live taxi driver card. Funds will take between 1 – 3 days to be loaded to your card from your banking institution.

Should your card be lost or stolen, you should block your card immediately to stop any subsequent transactions from being authorised. To block your card, log on to the Live taxi driver card app, go to Additional Services and click on Block Card. Select OK to block your card.

You will need to get a new card from your local Live taxi lounge. Any remaining balance from the lost card will be transferred to your new card.Alternatively, you can call 1300 883 703 and organise a replacement card.

You will be liable for transactions made on a lost card prior to the card being blocked so it’s important to act as soon as you realise your card is stolen or damaged.

Most transactions do not incur a fee however there are some transactions that do incur fees. Check out the Key Fees and Charges table below.

Below are the key fees and charges that relate to your card. For a full listing please refer to your Terms and Conditions. Should you have any questions relating to any of the fees outlined below you can contact us through the Live taxi driver card app.

Card Balance and Contact Us Enquiries through the AppFREE
IVR Automated Telephone Enquiry$1.50
IVR Live Operator Customer Service Assistance$3.99
Transactions made at Point of SaleFREE
ATM Domestic TransactionATM operator fees may apply
Domestic ATM Withdrawal FeeFREE
International ATM Withdrawal Fee$2.50
Foreign Exchange Fee3.5%
Card to Card Transfer Fee$1.00
Lost or Stolen Card Replacement$10.00

If you cannot remember your User ID or Password, please click on Forgot Your Password or the Forgot your User ID button and follow the prompts. Login details will be emailed to the email address on your profile. Please note your User ID, Password and Secret Answer are case sensitive.

Please ensure you follow the password guidelines:

  • An Upper case letter (A-Z)
  • A Lower case letter (a-z)
  • A Number
  • A Special Character (!#$%^&*)
  • Do not use spaces or your User ID in Password

You can download a copy of your statement to PDF. Login to the Live taxi driver card app, click on Card Activity, select from the drop-down menu the period of the statement you wish to download.

Live taxi disburses funds to your driver card every business day, except public holidays.
If you have any queries regarding payments on to your card, contact Live taxi support on 1300 883 703 or

Yes, there are many card alerts that you can set up to email you:

  • When your card is debited and/or used.
  • When a credit is applied to your card.
  • When a transaction is declined due to insufficient funds
  • When an international transaction is processed.

If you have pending transactions, the value of these pending transactions will be removed from the available balance as the authorisation for these transactions has not yet settled.

When you go to ‘Card Activity’, you will see your transaction list. To the right of the transaction, you will see the > sign, swipe to the left until you see the dotted lines. Click on the dotted lines to see the full transaction details.