Live taxi terminals offer a unique feature named Tipping Pro. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the trip fare as normal
  2. Before processing a transaction, the passenger should always CONFIRM that the right amount is on the screen.
  3. The terminal then suggests a 3.5% tip to be added to the fare.
  4. The passenger will confirm YES or NO.
  5. If YES, the amount is included as part of the electronic payment process, earning you extra income without you having to ask for a tip.

In many countries, tipping is mandatory and customers are expected to add 15-20% to any expense.

However, Australians are somewhat divided when it comes to tipping and there is no expectation. Customers can do so if they want and are most likely to tip if they experience fantastic service or are presented with a good opportunity.

Tipping pro prompts passengers to tip

Live taxi terminals offer a unique feature called Tipping Pro, which allows passengers to reward great customer service with a prompted tip. Many Live taxi members are already earning the equivalent of 3% commission, just by ensuring they provide a great experience for their passengers.

Here’s how it works…

Just like in a restaurant before you process a transaction the passenger should always confirm that the right amount is on the screen. At this point, the machine suggests a 3.5% tip be to added to the fare and the passenger confirms YES or NO.

The great news is that 8 out of 10 passengers say YES. The amount is included as part of the electronic payment process, earning you extra income without having to ask for a tip.

Electronic tipping is usually higher than cash

While there is no rule for how much passengers should tip, there are some basic observations that can be made.

In an article published in the States1 it was observed that a greater number of taxi passengers are choosing to tip than ever before, all as a direct result of the electronic tipping functionality in EFTPOS machines. Tips on credit card transactions in New York cabs were 22 per cent higher than on cash transactions and it’s a trend that has followed to Australia. While passengers may not always have cash on hand, they can always tip via their card.

What encourages a passenger to tip?

Of course it is important to remember that tipping is not an expectation and is a gesture of appreciation for great customer service and a job done well. To that end, it’s important to make sure your service level is always high.

Outside of having Tipping Pro on your terminal, there are several things that can help improve the likeliness of receiving a tip from one of your customers.

Research suggests that tips are strongly linked to overall passenger experience2 which includes such things as:

  • the speed of service
  • trip duration
  • your demeanour (outward behaviour and mood)
  • knowledge of the area and overall passenger experience.

It’s also worth remembering that ride share apps do not have a tipping functionality. So, it’s Taxi drivers who are the ones who have the chance to fully benefit from good quality service.

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